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Research Success for High School Students Transitioning to College: Resources for Educators and Librarians

Marlborough High School Library Instruction Worksheet

Assessing the Information Literacy of Students in a Library Instruction Class (focusing on library databases)


1. Your assignment is on climate change and the policies that were created during an international meeting - the Kyoto summit.

Which of the following searches typed in the database search box would perform the most targeted database search?

a. climate change

b. climate change policies

c. “climate change” AND policies

d. Where can I find policies on climate change from the Kyoto meeting?

2. Your database search has returned over 500,000 results. How can you limit your search to come up with a more manageable list of results?

a. limit by date

b. limit by subject

c. limit by scholarly (peer-review)

d. all of the above

3. As part of your assignment, you will also need to find out the policies on climate change from these three countries: Japan, Canada, and Singapore. Which of the database searches will return the MOST relevant articles?

a. climate change Japan Canada Singapore

b. “climate change” AND Japan AND Canada AND Singapore

c. “climate change” AND Japan OR Canada OR Singapore

d. What are the global warming policies from Japan, Canada, and Singapore?

4. Which of these citations is for an article from a magazine? 

a. Smith, John. “Big Dreams of City People.” Psychology Today 10.4 (2012): 25-40 

b. Sanchez, Amanda. Architecture in Paris. New York: Harcourt Brace, 2000 

c. Chang, Susan. “Teenagers and Facebook.” Education and Social Media N.p.25 September 2013. Web. 05 Jan. 2014. 

d. Sharma, Edward. “Earthquake and Tornadoes.” Boston Globe 9 Sept. 1987: C3


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