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Workshops @ Henry Whittemore Library: How to Read a Scholarly Research Article


The How to Read a Scholarly Research Article workshop will be offered: 

Date and Time Location
Monday, February 5 -- 1:30pm - 2:15pm Henry Whittemore Library UM-14
Wednesday, February 7 -- 4:30pm - 5:15pm Henry Whittemore Library UM-14

This 45 minute, discussion focused workshop will give students the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently read a peer-reviewed research paper. By the end of this workshop students should know how to:

  1. Identify the parts of a research paper
  2. Effectively navigate the parts of a research paper
  3. Describe the concept of mind-mapping for reading a research paper

The two sections of the workshop are independent stand-alone workshops that will cover the same content. This workshop has been designed with undergraduate and graduate students in mind. 

Workshop Handouts

Handouts and slides will be posted after the workshop.

Additional Resources