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Library Services During COVID-19

New Library Coworkers

Many members of the Library staff have been working from home with assistance from their new coworkers!

Have fun, stay engaged and relieve stress with resources gathered by the consultants at the Massachusetts Library System.

Shay (Millie)

Black dog lying on bed

Milo and Fiskars (Colleen)



DJ (Hedda)

Black cat sitting on a lap

Captain Jax (Kate)

Captain Jax

Sera (Sam)

Cat looking at camera

Boo Boo (Suzanne)

Boo Boo

Ziggy (Alexander)

Black dog lying on the floor.

Rigby (Kate)

Cat sitting in a drawer

Booker (Karen)


Mirabelle (Sandra)

Dog lying on couch

Bing (Suzanne)


Sparta and Dennis (Suzanne)



Mr. Ash, Naiche, and Geronimo (Rebecca)

Three cats napping together.

Rio (Alexander)

Cat sprawled on bed

Finches (Suzanne)


Meow Ying (Kate)

Cat lying with stuffed animals

Schnapps (Debbie)


Thor Bjorn (Kate)

Thor Bjorn