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Just as each citation format handles the citations in that are found within the text slightly different ways, they also each have their own way of organizing the necessary information that is found on the References, Works Cited, or Bibliography  page: in a slightly different order, using different emphases, punctuation, etc..

Your job as a student is not to somehow remember all the differences, especially if you take classes from multiple departments whose disciplines all use different formats, but to find a good style guide (we hope you find ours useful), where you can check your citations and references, comparing them against how the different styles want them to look.

To do that, go to the tab for each citation style that we cover in this guide, where we show you how the things that people seem to cite the most often should look in that style.

Disclaimer: We don't cover every citation format out there; for example, some journals in technical and scientific disciplines have their own individual citation formats!  We're also not claiming our guides cover every citing situation, (since no online style guide will be as complete as the official manual), but if there's a citation style we don't include that you'd like to see here, or information about citing a specific type of source that you'd like to see in one of the guides, let us know, and we'll add it.