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About CSE Style

CSE is the citation style of the Council of Science Editors, and it is commonly used for scientific writing. CSE allows three different systems for in text citation style and ordering your reference list; you must pick one and be consistent, unless you're submitting to a journal that uses this; in which case of course use the version they want.

  1. Name-year: In text citations are in name-year format, e.g., (Barrow 2004), and the reference list is ordered alphabetically by author.
  2. Citation-sequence: In text citations are numbered, and the reference list numbering is based on order of appearance in the paper.
  3. Citation-Name: In text citations are numbered, and reference list numbering is alphabetical by author.


  • E.g.: (Harrow 2014)
  • Reference list ordered alphabetically by author
  • Citations numbered
  • Reference list in order of appearance
  • Citations numbered
  • Reference list alphabetical by author


As many short CSE style guides do, ours will feature below some details of name-date system regarding in-text citations, since that is the most complicated version among the three.




Official CSE Support Guide