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Try Zotero! (It's FREE)

Got a huge term paper, capstone or other major project that will have you collecting dozens and dozens of articles and their citations?

My friend, it's time for you to make your life much, much easier by starting to use citation management software.

Here at the Whittemore Library, we recommend (and support!) Zotero.  (We have a whole Help Guide about it.) And even workshops.


  • It's a FREE (open-source software) desktop app
  • It does everything you want a citation management software to do, such as
    • Save the citation information (and PDF when available, or a screen-shot if just a webpage)  to Zotero for you
    • Has an extension for your browser that allows you to add sources to your Zotero desktop app with just a click
    • Adds a tab to your Microsoft Word that lets you add in-text citations to your paper with just a click
    • There's another tab there lets you generate a bibliography page that will automatically update when you add a new in-text citation to your paper
    • Offers a free online web-based storage space that can be set up to update automatically
    • Offers a way to set up a collaborative space where other people can come access the area and contribute to the library of citations
    • When you leave FSU, you take it with you - no losing access to one of those commercial citation managers and your citations
  • Did I mention it's FREE?
  • By the's FREE