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Environmental Sciences

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Overview: Our Article Sources

Scholars most often communicate about their work as well as collectively record their discipline's progress of knowledge creation by publishing articles in academic or scholarly journals. Sometimes they publish opinions, letters, and brief synopses of current work being done in their field, but often they publish the results they have obtained from their research. Many of these research articles are 'peer-reviewed', which means the articles are checked and critiqued (as a form of 'quality control') by several of a researcher's peers prior to being officially published.

Our Environmental Science-Focused Databases

General Science Databases, Still Lots of Environmental Science

Environmental Science Scholarly Journals

We have over 1,000 Environmental Science scholarly journals on our Publications page, with a small smattering also of newsletters and newspapers.  These are automatically searched when you search in our databases or use RamSearch, but some people like to look for a particular journal by name.

Some examples are below.