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Student Worker Expectations: Circulation Worker Expectations

This LibGuide is devoted solely to student library worker expectations.

First and Foremost

Your first responsibility as a circulation student worker is to be available to patrons at all times.

Worker Expectations

  • When working at the Circulation desk, your first priority must be doing what work needs to be done. Only when your library work has been done, may you spend time doing anything else.
  • The first priority at the Circulation desk is helping patrons that come to the desk, or call on the phone. You should always be sitting in a position where you can see patrons approaching. When helping patrons you should always be courteous.


Circulation tasks that need to be done on a continuous basis. They include:

  • checking in books
  • arranging items on the book carts in call number order
  • shelving items
  • picking up books from the first floor carrels or left on tables or the black carts on the lower levels (including “the pit”) and putting them away
  • shelf reading (reviewing items on the shelves to make sure they are in call number order and correcting those that are out of place).
  • Those scheduled for shorter shifts should take care of their assigned tasks before those scheduled for longer shifts.
  • It is mandatory that all students working at the Circulation desk do their fair share of the work. It is only after you have completed your library assignments that you may work on your own projects. Anyone who does not abide by these guidelines could find their work hours reduced or eliminated.
  • All students must post in the What I Did Today section of Blackboard. If you do not post, you will be given a verbal warning. If you continue to miss posts we reserve the right to cut down on your hours for the next semester.



Socializing at the Desk

  • Please be aware that conversations had at the circulation desk must be appropriate and professional. Anyone can hear your conversation and it is important to keep it light and comfortable for all.
  • If a co-worker or patron is uncomfortable with the topic being discussed and tells you so, please cease the conversation immediately. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable both at work and as users of the library.
  • When your shift is over, it is important for you to sign out and leave the immediate area. It's too crowded to be hanging around behind or in front of the desk. 
  • Also, we don't want friends talking to those who are working at the circulation desk because they need to be paying attention to library patrons/duties. Friends are never allowed behind the desk.