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Student Worker Expectations: Confidentiality and Privacy

This LibGuide is devoted solely to student library worker expectations.

Confidentiality and Privacy Rules

Confidentiality and privacy are extremely important when dealing with library records and parton information. Giving away patron information is against the law.

Confidentiality and Privacy Matters

Protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our patrons and fellow employees is extremely important.

  • Do not EVER give out personal information from a patron's library record. This includes items checked out, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses. All information in a library record is private and CANNOT be divulged to a thrid party.


  • Example: A student asks you the name of the person that has a particular book checked out that they want. You are NOT allowed to tell them that information. It is a violation of that patron's confidentiality and privacy.


  • If a police officer or University administrator asks you for information, please refer them to the supervisor on duty. They will handle the situation. When in doubt ask your supervisor.


  • Even if you don't think the information is important, it is the law, and breaking the law can have serious consequences.

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