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Student Worker Expectations: Student Evaluation

This LibGuide is devoted solely to student library worker expectations.

Student Evaluation

Each semester students will be evaluated by the Access Services Librarian/Supervisors. These evaluations will point out the students worker's strengths and help him/her work on any areas that may be lacking. The evaluations can be used to determine how many hours the student worker will receive the next semester or if they will be re-hired.

Student Evaluations

Student Evaluations will be conducted towards the end of each semester. They will be used to assess strengths and weaknesses and to help give the student worker some feedback from the Circulation Librarian/Supervisors.

    • A form will be filled out by the Circulation Librarian/Supervisors.

    • The form will be given to the student worker at one of their shifts and there will be time to discuss the evaluation face to face if necessary.

    • If any improvements need to be made, and additional Needs Improvement Plan will be give to and discussed with the student worker. There will be plenty of time for student workers to improve upon any areas that might be problematic before the next evaluation.   

Evaluations can be used to help decide how many hours the student worker will get in a given semester or if the worker will not be rehired at the end of a semester/year.

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