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Sony e-reader PRS-600: Sony e-reader Information

Resources on how to check out, add content, view e-books on the Sony e-reader.

Sony e-reader Documents

The Sony e-Reader Touch:

  • has a 6 inch touch screen.
  • supports multiple formats such as PDF, ePub, Microsoft Word, JPEG and GIF.
  • plays unsecured MP3 and AAC audio files.
  • has a paper-like display for natural reading.
  • has 512MB of onboard memory lets you carry up to 350 books. You can add more onto a SD memory card.
  • charged lets you read for 2 full weeks (7,500 continutous page turns).
  • has free hand highlighting and annotation of text.
  • is compatible with Mac and PC.
  • contains adjustable font sizes.

Key Terms

PDF (.pdf) - A format from Adobe which most eReaders support. Because PDFs are meant to recreate a larger printed page, there are sometimes problems with text size and display on eReaders.

EPUB (.epub) - Another popular format, particularly favored by public libraries. Most eBooks loaned in this format come with DRM protection. We can convert PDF to a EPUB format.

Text (.txt) - A basic plain text format which is easy to create, but cannot contain images.

eInk - A type of display which emulates a printed page and requires an external light source to view.Backlit - Another display type which looks a lot like a computer screen and does not need an additional light source. Unlike iPads, the Sony e-reader will need an additional light source (which is supplied).Text Flow - A display feature which allows users to view a full page of text in their preferred font size and style.ePub - The eBook format currently most favored by public libraries for lending.

DRM - Digital Rights Management - A way for companies to lock down information, determining who can use it and how.

 Wi-Fi Capable - eReaders which can connect to the Internet via a wireless connection. The Sony e-reader PRS-600 is not Wi-Fi capable.



E-books from FSU

Three Sony e-readers with 66 ebooks from the public domain are available for loan with a library card to all of the campus community.


Adding and Viewing Content

You are able to view your content from an SD card on the Sony e-reader. Download content yourself from your computer onto the SD card and insert the card into the Sony e-reader.

Helpful Websites

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