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Reading and Writing China (Eck): Find Articles and Journals

General Databases with Information on Countries of the World

Periodical Databases

Newspaper Databases

Online Encyclopedias

The library has access to a number of online general reference resources such as Encyclopedias, Factbooks , Dictionary etc.

You can retrieve information by entering the subject in the search line, or you can also add the sub-category to the subject and it will link you to the topic you are looking

Inter-Library Loan

E Journals & Print Journals at FSU

Enter the title of the journal you need
in the Full Text Journal Finder
to link to the journal if it is available online
through a database and/or the publisher.

Print Journals   (paper, microfilm and microfiche):

To find a listing of where a print journal, magazine, or newspaper is located (either upstairs in the Periodicals Area
on the Upper Mezzanine (UM) or downstairs in the Lower Reading Room [LRR] one flight down from the main floor in the Lower Mezzanine).

1.  Enter the title of the journal you need
in the Full Text Journal Finder  (see link above)

2.  For a list of F.S.U.'s print periodical holdings (paper or microforms), look for the F.S.U Periodical Holdings List, in the red binders
You can find those red binders in the Periodicals Area and at the Reference desk.  

3.  Search the MLN Online Catalog for individual periodical titles.