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Zotero: Citing Using Zotero

An introduction to Zotero and how to use it.

Citing Using Zotero

You can use Zotero to cite documents in multiple different ways. 

  1. Zotero has plug-ins for both Microsoft Word, and OpenOffice, that allow you to easily create in-text citations, and generate bibliographies in a number of citation styles. Zotero also integrates with Google Docs, so you can cite with Zotero in Google Docs.
  2. Zotero will generate bibliographies of any length that can be pasted in any text box, presentation, email, or to a post in a class discussion. 

Generating a Bibliography Using Zotero

With Zotero you can create a formatted bibliography in just a couple of clicks! Bibliographies generated using Zotero can be pasted anywhere. This could include, Microsoft Word documents, Google Docs, emails, blackboard discussions, and so on. 

To create a bibliography select the reference(s) you wish to include. Then right click on the highlighted references. Click "generate bibliography from items" from the menu shown. 

Screenshot of Zotero showing menu displayed when item is right clicked on. "Create Bibliography from Items..." option is noted.

In the pop-up window select the citation style you wish you use, and select "Copy to Clipboard" from the list of output options. 

Screenshot of Zotero bibliography creation menu.

Click "OK" and you are now ready to paste your bibliography wherever you wish! 

Zotero and Microsoft Word

See the video below from Georgia State University Libraries for how to use the Microsoft word plug-in for Zotero. 

The word plug-in is good if you want Zotero to also generate your in-text citations. 

Adding the Zotero plug-in to Word 2019 requires a manual install. Follow the directions in the link for how to manually install the Zotero plug-in to Word 2019.