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Zotero: Zotero Tips

An introduction to Zotero and how to use it.

Setting up a Zotero Accoung and Syncing

Zotero's online syncing allows you to access your Zotero library on any computer with internet access. Setting up a Zotero account and syncing your library will also allow you to share your libraries with others. 

You are not required to set up an account to use Zotero, but here are some factors to consider: 

  • Backup - creating a Zotero account and syncing your library online will save all of your hard work if your computer crashes. 
  • Access -- Creating a Zotero account and syncing your library will allow you to access your Zotero library from any computer. You can also sync your account across multiple instances of Zotero standalone or extension on multiple computers. 
  • Collaboration/Group Projects - Creating a Zotero account and syncing your library will allow you to create shared folders that you can share with others with Zotero accounts. 


Additional Zotero Support

If you need additional Zotero support check out the resources below. You can also always email a librarian. Please direct your questions about Zotero support to Hedda Monaghan

Zotero and PRISMA

Finding Full-Text (Article Linker)

You have probably used the "Article Linker" button before in databases to locate full-text of articles. You can incorporate this function into Zotero to find the full-text of articles you have saved in your Zotero Library. 

To set your Zotero Library up for the ability to locate full-text through FSU copy and past the below link into OpenURL resolver box on the Advanced tab in Zotero Preferences and click "OK".

Screenshot of Zotero preferences showing the advanced tab.

To find the full-text of an article select the article of interest and click the green arrow above the right column in Zotero. 

Click Library Lookup on this list. A browser window should open showing you if the Whittemore Library provides access to this article. If we do not follow the links on the library website to interlibrary loan the article you are intersted in. 

Screenshot of Zotero showing library look-up drop down.