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Connecting to Library Resources with Google Scholar: Home

Connecting to Library Resources with Google Scholar

Connecting Google Scholar to Henry Whittemore Library will allow you to quickly see if papers found in Google Scholar are accessible through the Henry Whittemore Library! Follow the steps below to add a link to the Henry Whittemore Library!  

1) Navigate to the Google Scholar menu by clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner.

Google Scholar home page with arrow highlighting menu in upper left corner.


2) Click settings in the Google Scholar menu

Google Scholar menu with settings option highlighted


3) Navigate to "Library links" in settings and search for Framingham State. Click the check box for "Find it @ Framingham" and click save. 

Google Scholar settings on library links page.


You're done! Now when you search Google Scholar you will see the "Find it @ Framingham" link listed for any resource the library subscribes to. 



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