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Rams Write: Affect/Effect

Here you'll find a student-generated guide to writing and composition.


Students often confuse affect and effect, two different words with two different meanings. "Affect" is primarily a verb that means to have an influence on something. "Effect" is mainly a noun which can mean a consequence or result of an action. 


Example 1

Incorrect: The rising crime rate will effect the housing market.

Correct: The rising crime rate will affect the housing market. 

Explanation: The correct use is "affect" because the crime rate will influence the housing market.

Example 2

Incorrect: The new policy at school went into affect immediately.

Correct: The new policy at school went into effect immediately.

Explanation: While it's used correctly as a verb, "affect" is incorrect because "went" would be the verb of the sentence, making "effect" the noun. 



Affect is typically used as a verb whereas Effect is most commonly used as a noun. A fun acronym to help you remember is: R.A.V.E.N. (Remember Affect Verb Effect Noun)



  • Verb: "To assume a false appearance of; to put on a pretence of, to counterfeit or pretend" (OED v.5a) 



  • Noun: The state or fact of being operative or in force (OED n.1a)
  • Verb: "To bring about (an event, a result); to accomplish (an intention, a desire)" (OED v.1a) 

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