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Social Issue: Abortion: Opinions & Arguments

A guide to resources for students learning and writing about abortion.

Finding Opinions and Arguments about Abortion

We are all biased.  That is, we all have our own personal biases - our beliefs about ourselves, the world around us, and what 'authorities' and sources of information we are likely to listen to, trust and believe. These beliefs are so much a part of us that we often don't question them.

However...part of learning how to be a good debater, how to write an effective argument paper, or how to create a convincing presentation about a controversial topic, is to take the time to learn about and understand all sides of an argument (and there are often more than just two!). Sometimes this information may challenge our own long-held beliefs, even make us uncomfortable - but it is good if we can explore it anyway.

To get you started, we have included a few top, online sources showing various sides of the abortion debate. The tab titles indicate the general biases of those particular stakeholders. 

When you know you will be exploring inevitably biased information, you may also want to review: Checking on the Reliability of Online Information