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Social Issue: Climate Change Controversy

A guide to resources for students learning and writing about the controversies (social & political) surrounding climate change.

Obtaining Climate Change Articles from...

Ram Search

Search for articles, books, journals, and more!


  • Pros:
    • Searches multiple databases at one time
    • Can be useful for interdisciplinary topics
    • Can see the list of databases searched, then choose a few specific ones to make a custom search
    • Can limit to peer-reviewed journals only
    • Defaults to finding only full-text results
  • Cons:
    • Not able to search every database we have
    • Tends to be less precise, more like a Google search
    • Searches books, news and other stuff, too; may have to filter those results out
    • Defaults to finding only full-text results - you may miss citations that would be useful for assignments

pointing handFor database searching help, contact a librarian, or try these searching tips.


Getting More Full Text

  •  Many of our databases make articles immediately available as full-text PDFs or text on webpages
  •  If not, then use the 'Full Text Finder' link
  • Even if the database you found an article citation in doesn’t have the full text right there, click on this link to check for full text in other library databases
  • This means: DON'T limit to full text when searching our databases

Top Databases that have information about the Climate Change Controversy

General Purpose Databases
Databases Focusing on Current Events / Controversial Topics
Psychology Databases
Sociology Databases
Science Databases

Finding Journals at FSU:


  • Browse journals by topic on our Journal Search Page
  • Search for a specific journal by name on our Journal Search Page
  • Journals may be available from more than one source; journal coverage (years available) may vary
  • Some journals may have 'embargoes' (full-text delays) of up to one year
  • Please request articles NOT currently available full-text at FSU by using our Interlibrary Loan Form


Selected journals containing info related to the climate change controversy


Google Scholar

FSU's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service