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Henry Whittemore Library 50th Anniversary: Whittemore Library -Timeline

The Whittemore Library through the eyes of student photographers


How We Got Here:  The Library at Framingham State

Scroll down for Library Timeline  [1839 to 2019]

Library Timeline 1839

Illustration of building that housed the Normal School (located near Lexington town green).

Normal School founded in Lexington with 100 books in the first library. 

Library Timeline 1937

Photograph of library interior.

Library moves to 2nd floor of Dwight Hall and is known as the Ella Ritchie Library.

Library Timeline 1965

Reproduction of blueprint of the library.

Money was allocated by the Legislature for the building of a new library at the State College of Framingham. 

Library Timeline 1969

Photograph of Mary Mahoney.

Mary Mahoney served as Chief Librarian at Framingham State College during the move to the new building.

Library Timeline 1971

Photograph of Stanley McDonald.

Stanley McDonald becomes the director of the Whittemore Library, remaining in his position until 1996.

Library Timeline 1977

Photograph of security gates.

To combat annual losses to theft, security gates were installed by the front entrance to the building.

Library Timeline 1982

Photograph of a student seated at a table in the Periodicals Area.

To make more room for study spaces, the Periodicals Department is moved to its present location on the Upper Mezzanine. 

Library Timeline 1998

Photograph of Bonnie Mitchell at her desk.

Bonnie Mitchell, currently Dean of the Library, was named Library Director.

Library Timeline 2006

Photograph of empty floor and space, with support pillars, where the old Circulation Desk was located.

Whittemore Library undertakes its most extensive changes with renovations to Circulation and most of the first floor.

Library Timeline 2019

Photograph of the west face of the library,  with new doors, the Red Barn Café, and brick sidewalks and patio.

Whittemore Library celebrates its golden anniversary.  The library has planned multiple events and exhibits to celebrate 50 years at Framingham State University.

Library Timeline 1853

Photograph of Normal Hall

Normal School moves to Framingham, now with 600 book library housed in Normal Hall.

Library Timeline 1962

Image of letter.

President Justin McCarthy begins earnestly soliciting support for a new library for the college.

Library Timeline 1967

Photograph of people standing on Bare Hill with a panoramic view of the land below.

Groundbreaking ceremony on top of Bare Hill for the Henry Whittemore Library.

Library Timeline 1969

Image of cartoon portraying the library as a gift packaged with a ribbon around it, and a bow on top, with an attached tag saying, “Do Not Open Till 1969".

Students eagerly anticipated the opening of the new library.

Library Timeline 1973

Image of dedication poster.

Whittemore Library, along with 3 other buildings, is dedicated. 

Library Timeline 1978

Photograph of Marion Slack.

Marion Slack, Whittemore Library’s longest tenured full-time librarian, is hired.

Library Timeline 1985 - 1986

Photograph of the library, Southwest face.

A new roof is applied to Whittemore Library, fixing a persistent leak that had plagued the library since it opened.

Library Timeline 1999

Photograph of the south side of Whittemore Library showing the enclosed deck, WLUM14.

The open decks, now WLUM14 (South library face) and WLUM01 (North library face), were enclosed.

Library Timeline 2014

Photograph of the 175th Anniversary poster.

Framingham State University celebrates its 175th Anniversary. 

Library Timeline 1889

Photograph of library interior.

Library moves to new home in May Hall , where it will remain for nearly 50 years.

Library Timeline 1965

Image of Massachusetts House (bill) No. 4206.

Plans for the Library were created by Desmond & Lord, featuring a unique architectural style (Brutalist style).


Library Timeline 1968

Photograph of the foundation and some unfinished walls of the library building.

Construction continues on the library.

Library Timeline 1969

Photograph of completed library building, Southwest face.

Whittemore Library opens its doors to the faculty, staff, and students at Framingham State College.

Library Timeline 1975

Photograph of student using a microfilm reader.

An extensive Microfilm collection is added to the library’s holdings, expanding the materials available. 

Library Timeline 1981

Photograph of Stanley McDonald, standing                 by Mary Pat Craig (Curriculum Library Assistant), who is seated in front of (and using) an OCLC terminal.

Whittemore Library acquires access to OCLC (a shared cataloging system), connecting the library to thousands of other libraries across the country.

Library Timeline 1986

Poster advertising the Minuteman Library Network.

The library joins the Minuteman Library Network, facilitating computerized borrowing for students.

Library Timeline 2000

Photograph of the interior of the Archives Room (WLLM01) with shelves emptied out.

Framingham State College’s Archives are moved to their current location from what is now the Archives Meeting Room on the Lower Mezzanine. 

Library Timeline 2014

Image of the brochure from the 2014 Swiacki Children’s Literature Festival.

Framingham State’s long-running Children’s Literature Festival is named in honor of graduates and donors Janina and Nancy Swiacki.