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Henry Whittemore Library 50th Anniversary: Contributors

The Whittemore Library through the eyes of student photographers


Lani Smith, Reference Librarian (Part-time)   [content, photographs, images, captions]

Hedda Monaghan, Student Success & Assessment Librarian  [Twitter Feed, 50 Years of Books]

Millie Gonzalez,  Emerging Technology & Digital Sciences Librarian 

Marion Slack, Reference Librarian [editorial nag-in-chief; content, captions]

Rebecca Dowgiert,  Reference Librarian (Part-time)  [photographs; images, captions]

Debbie Percher, Reference Librarian (Part-time)  [images]

Colleen Previte  [images]

Jessy Hopper  [images - from Library Timeline bulletin board display]

Nancy Hanley  [images: Henry Wthiitmore]

Debbie Hogan  [content, images - from bulletin board displays: Celebrating 50 years of Reading; 1970's Timeline]