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Constanza Cabello,

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What kinds of projects will be funded? 

A variety of projects driven by faculty, staff and students the advance and support diversity and inclusion at Framingham State University have been funded. While they vary, all projects should align with Inclusive Excellence principles. Funding may be provided for such efforts and only inclusive events, activities and/or research projects will be considered for approval.

Inclusive Excellence Principles: 

  • Access & Equity: The compositional number, success levels, representation and equitable achievement of historically underrepresented (and marginalized) students, faculty & staff.
  • Diversity in the Curriculum & Co-Curriculum: The presence of and participation in courses, programs and experiences across the institution that explores power, social justice, equity, diversity and cultural competence.
  • Climate: The way in which students, faculty and staff perceive and experience the institution’s environment.
  • Learning and Development: Acquisition of content knowledge about diverse groups and cultures and the development of cognitive complexity.
  • Civic & Community Enagement: Development of knowledge, skills, and motivation that build and strengthen community partnerships and civic involvement for the betterment of our communities and society. 

What if I have questions?

Please email Constanza Cabello at any questions you have about the process or about a proposal.

What should I include in my funding request?

Details! Make sure to include specific details of how you plan to spend your funding. CDI reccommends obtaining pricing quotes to help you best formulate an amount to request. CDI also looks more favorably on projects that are collaborations with other FSU community members and/or departments. Furthermore, CDI suggests that you submit your funding request  with as much advanced notice as possible.

The amount available per request is up to $1000 and the amount for professional development is capped at $500.

What are some things to consider about my event/progam?

For your reference, we urge you to review our event planning checklist which provides more details to assist you while planning your event. You might get feedback from the Budget Subcommittee to strenghen your application before the proposal could be approved by the committee.

Would CDI be able co-sponsor to my event? 

If you would like CDI to co-sponsor an event (and not request any funds from the committee), let us know in the narrative section of the proposal application. 

How do I get my funds?

It depends. The funds might be transferred to your department or the Budget Subcommittee might process the invoice. You will be notified after the propopsal is approved.

Can CDI help me with publicity?

Refer to our events guide for suggestions on where to publicize the event.

What do I do after my event is completed?

After the event or activity is completed, email a brief narrative describing the results of the event/activity to We may ask you to present at one of the CDI meetings.