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July is French-American Heritage Month: Une fête!

Celebrating French-Americans

While lacking an official US government proclamation, outreach and promotional activities by groups such as the international Fondation des Alliances françaises have led to July being designated as French-American Heritage Month.

All images below are links leading to a variety of information about Franco-Americans: When and how they have arrived (including present day), how some French American communities self-isolated at first, but eventually assimilated, and above all - their rich, on-going socio-cultural impact. This is not at all a definitive list of resources, more of a stepping-off point.

Some of the linked resources will require an FSU login.

The cover of the book 'Francois Valle and His World: Upper Louisiana Before Lewis and Clark'. Image is a link leading to an eBook.
Detail of painted portrait of French-American Aram Pothier, Republican Governor from RI. Image is a link leading to the article: ' Ethnic Politics in Rhode Island: The Case of the Franco Americans' by Patrick T. Conley.
A Dish of Beef Burgundy. Image is a link to a Frnech Library blog post about 'Heritage and Culture Through French Cuisine'.
Photo of a Clifton Chernier Zydeco album. with him on the cover. Image is a link to a Louisiana Tourism article about Zydeco music.
Photograph of a former mansion in Lowell, MA., that was converted to a school/orphanage by Franco-American clergy. Image leads to a short article about the school (now closed).
French River south of West Main Street, Hodges Village MA by John Phelan under a  the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
Title of a book by T.A. Chadonnette: 'Notre-Dame-des-Canadiens et les Canadiens aux États-Unis'
Photograph of Michael Doucet, Cajun Fiddler. Image by David Simpson (cajunzydecophotos), licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Image links to a Louisiana tourism site, to an article called: 'Cajun Music in Louisiana'.
Two plates of Haitian food made by Chef Tina in Greenfield, MA. Photo credit:  Nirvani Williams/NEPM. Image links to a WBUR short news article.
Detail of the cover to 'Louisiana Rambles Exploring America's Cajun and Creole Heartland', with author Ian McNulty pictured. Image is a link leading to the eBook.
Cover of Franco-America in the Making : The Creole Nation Within by Jonathan K. Gosnell
Creole in a Red Headdress. Amans, Jacques Guillaume Lucien (Artist).nImage is a link to the 64 Parishes article: 'Creoles'.
Illustration of 3 people each saying a Cajun French word
Old Franco-American Newspaper Ad for soup.  Image is a link to a short video of a Campbell's TV Spaghettios ad on Youtube, from the 1970s.
Photograph of two power loom bobbins, a possible visual symbol of Franco-Americans
Photo of Cajun-style Gumbo in a yellow bowl. Entire image links to a Mashed Article: 'The Untold Truth Of Cajun Food'. Photo is by  jeffreyw licesed under a  the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license (
Detail of the cover of 'Creole Drama : Theatre and Society in Antebellum New Orleans' by Juliane Braun. Image s a link leading to the eBook.
2014 Annual Oxford MA Older Male Huguenot Fort Picnic Reenactor in 17th century costume. Image is a link that leads to the The Huguenot Memorial Society of Oxford, Inc. website. Photos by Mr Robert Shedd and Dr. Kathleen McGrory.
Snowshoing club badge from Lewingston, Maine, listing club name and championships won. Image is a link to the Maine Memory Network 'Les Raquetteurs' page and slideshow about the preminence of Franco-American Snowshoeing Clubs in Northern New England during the first hald of the 20th Century.
Cover of Haitian-American coming of age story 'American Street' by Ibi Zoboi. Image is a link to the book in the Minuteman Catalog.
Detail of the cover to Gerard Brault's book 'The French-Canadian heritage in New England'. Image is a link to the Minuteman Catalog record of this item; available in the FSU stacks.
Photo of a French-Canadian Meat Pie with a slice missing. Image is a link leading toe a New England Historical Society blogpost about Northern New England's le reveillon New years celebrations.
A photo of two Frnech speakrs in Maine - one white, one a Francophone who emigrated from Africa.. Image is a link to a Providence College social work thesis entitled: 'Francophone African Immigration to the United States: Causes and Implications for American Social Work Practiceand Implications for American Social Work Practice' by Whitney Hendersen. Image credit: Carl D. Walsh.
Cover of Franco-American Identity, Community, and La Guiannée By Anna Servaes. Image is a link leading to the ebook.
Photo of Mexican actress Delores Del Rio in costume as Evangeline from the 1929 dialogue-less movie. Entire image is a link to a article about the Longfellow Epic poem Evangeline about Acadie displacement to the USA which inspired the movie.
Photo of Beyonce singing. Image is a link that leads to the Wikipedia article: 'List of French Americans'
Silver sugar bowl made by Paul Revere II's father - Huguenot immigrant Apollos Rivoire (Paul Revere I). Image leads to a facebook post about a silver exhibit that featured this sugar bowl, with a few facts about Paul Revere I's life..
Cover detail from the book 'A Distinct Alien Race: The Untold Story of Franco-Americans' by David Vermette. Image links to the book in the Minuteman Catalog.(Held by Cambridge and Franklin).
Photographic image of 19th Century Franco-American writer Sidonie de la Houssaye. Image is a link to a short biographical article.
Part of the cover of 'Negotiating Difference in French Louisiana Music : Categories, Stereotypes, and Identifications' by Sara Le Menestrel . Image is a link leading to the eBook.