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Finding Company Information

Finding Information on Publicly Traded Companies

Additional Open Web Resources

Bloomberg, Forbes, and Reuters are web-based industry sources that provide financial information and business news coverage about companies. Use these sources to find revenue, company size, leadership details, and more! Since these sources are on the open web and not subscribed to by the Henry Whittemore Library, some of the content may be behind a paywall. You can find annual reports on the company's website. You can find company financials through their securities and exchange filings. Private company information and information about companies abroad can be challenging to locate. You can create a search strategy for these cases by putting together information from press releases, news articles, and market/industry reports.

Boston Public Library eCard

The Boston Public Library eCard program allows anyone who lives, works, or studies in Massachusetts to access many of the only resources available through the Boston Public Library, including Mergent and other business resources.

Mission and Goals

  1. Google your company and find its official website, if you don't already know what it is.
  2. Once you're on the company's website, find the "About" section. This is most likely at the bottom, or footer, of the page. If not at the footer, look for menus at the top or the outer left/right of the screen.
  3. "About" sections generally house Mission Statements and statements of values