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ENGL 251: British Literature, Bennett

Finding Books

The best way to find books from the Henry Whittemore Library is to search the Minuteman Library Network Catalog. The Henry Whittemore Library is a member of the Minuteman Library Network. With a library card from Henry Whittemore Library you can request books from any library in the network. Books will typically be ready to pick up in 2 - 5 days. If a books is already checked out to another borrower, it can take 2 weeks or more.

Finding Scholarly Sources

Ram Search

Ram Search searches across almost everything the library subscribes to. It can be a good starting point for your research. Ram Search can be used to find scholarly and popular literature.

EBSCO Search Box

Ram Search

Search for articles, books, journals, and more!

Discipline-Specific Databases

Discipline-specific databases focus on literature from a particular discipline or disciplines.

Boston Public Library eCard

The Boston Public Library offers many more resources for finding primary and secondary sources! To obtain an eCard follow the directions in the link below. The Boston Public Library eCard is available to anyone who lives, works, or studies in Massachusetts. 

Using Google to Find Primary Sources

Why use Google?

Many universities and government institutions are actively digitalizing historic materials and publishing scholarly materials openly online, but it can be difficult to know where to look. Filtering through a regular Google search can be daunting when faced with results from across the globe. You can use a special strategy when searching Google to find materials from institutions digitizing materials! This strategy also works well for finding background information on a topic, as many cultural institutions write blog posts or introductions to historic events.

The Site: Command

What it does: The site command brings you search results from the site or domain you search. Using this command you can search only within .edu or .gov domains. You can also use it to search the Library of Congress's site,

Examples: site:edu or

Example Searches

beowulf site:edu or site:gov --> This search will find anything about Anthony Burns on websites with the .edu or .gov domain. Anything published by the Library of Congress about beowulf will appear in this search. This can include, digitized translations of beowulf or blog posts about beowulf.