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HSTY 250: Historical Research and Writing, Adelman (Spring 2023)

Recommended Databases - Finding Scholarly Articles

These databases are provided by the Henry Whittemore Library at Framingham State University. The databases listed below are best for finding secondary sources. If an article is not available in full-text through the Henry Whittemore Library, you can request it through interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan for articles can take 5 - 7 days. See the Additional Resources tab for more information about interlibrary loan.

RamSearch is a good starting point, it can also be a great way to see if the library has access to a particular article or journal.

EBSCO Search Box

Ram Search

Search for articles, books, journals, and more!

Tip: Historical Abstracts covers world history, exclusive of materials about the United States and Canada. American History & Life covers the United States and Canada. You can search both databases simultaneously by clicking the "Choose Databases" link above the search box in either database. A list of all the EBSCO databases will be displayed and you can select which database you would like to search simultaneously from there.

Google Scholar is useful for citation chaining, if you have an article that is on your topic, you can search for it in Google Scholar and click the "Cited By" link to see everyone who has cited the article you are interested in.

Boston Public Library eCard

The Boston Public Library offers many more resources for finding primary and secondary sources! To obtain an eCard follow the directions in the link below. The Boston Public Library eCard is available to anyone who lives, works, or studies in Massachusetts. 

The Boston Public Library offers resources for finding both primary and secondary sources.

Resources for Finding Books

The Henry Whittemore Library belongs to a regional network of public and academic libraries called the Minuteman Library Network. You can easily request books through the Minuteman catalog to be set to the Henry Whittemore Library. This can take between 5 days - 3 weeks or longer, depending on if the book is already checked-out by another patron and how many requests the book already has.

WorldCat is a resources that allows you to search library catalogs worldwide. Materials found through WorldCat may be requested through interlibrary loan (see Additional Resources tab for interlibrary loan instructions). Requesting books through interlibrary loan can take up to 2 weeks or longer, so plan accordingly. Always double check to see if a book is available through the Minuteman Catalog before requesting through interlibrary loan.