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SPAN 426 Britland


Welcome to the Research Guide for SPAN 426

Key Databases for Language and Literature

These databases are particularly helpful when researching the subject of modern languages and literature.

When conducting research in Spanish, use Spanish as your keywords. Additionally, in all of the databases below, you should be able to limit by language.

Searching Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a great way to find additional research, if you have a few articles on your topic. Search for the articles you have that are on your topic and click "cited by" to see who is citing the articles you are interested in!

Ram Search

Ram Search is a great additional resource for searching for sources! Ram Search searches across everything the library subscribes to, so for keyword searching a discipline-specific database may be best.

EBSCO Search Box

Ram Search

Search for articles, books, journals, and more!

Ram Search is great for searching with in a particular journal. Click the "advanced search" link below the search box.

Enter the name of the journal in the first search bar and select "SO Journal Title/Source" from the drop-down beside the search bar. Enter your keywords in the search bars below. NOTE: This strategy can also be used in the MLA database

Journals that might be good to search for are:

  • Bulletin of Hispanic Studies
  • Bulletin of Spanish Studies
  • Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies
  • Letras Femeninas
  • Arizona Journal of Cultural Studies

Boston Public Library eCard

The Boston Public Library offers many more resources for finding primary and secondary sources! To obtain an eCard follow the directions in the link below. The Boston Public Library eCard is available to anyone who lives, works, or studies in Massachusetts. 

Video Tutorials

Interlibrary loan Tutorial