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Framingham State University CoVID-19 Community Collecting Project


1. Can my submissions be anonymous? Can my submission be restricted for a specific time?

In the submission form, you can specify whether you would like to submit an anonymous entry. You could also contact the project team to discuss time period restrictions; generally, it is not usually necessary.

2. How frequently can I submit?

You can submit one or more materials either in installments or all at once. Each item requires a submission form.

3. How long will the project be open to receive materials?

The project is open-ended. We expect to accept materials throughout the fall semester.

4. Can faculty have students submit to the project as a class assignment?

Yes definitely! When the students submit their work, they should note in the submission form the name of the professor and course.

5. Is there a minimum age for submissions?

Anyone 18 or older can submit to the project.

6. I'm not officially affiliated with Framingham State. Can I still participate?

We are limiting submissions to those affiliated with Framingham State only (student, faculty, staff and alumni.)

7. Is there anything that I should avoid including in the submission?

You should avoid personal identifiable health information about you or others. 

8. What kind of content can I submit? Can my submission include multiple formats?

You can submit in the form text, audio and video digital files. We can convert the files to other formats to render better in the repository. You can submit multiple formats as well.

If you would like to submit physical items like artwork, diaries, homemade masks, you can email Colleen Previte, the University Archivist about your intention and then mail the item with a completed submission form. The address is: Henry Whittemore Library - Archives, Framingham State University, 100 State Street, Framingham, MA 01701, Attn: Colleen Previte

9. What kind of submissions could we include in the project?

You should submit materials that reveal your personal experience during this pandemic. It could include: artwork, photographs of your home/work space/community, text/video/audio reflections, or an assignment from a class. 

10. Do you keep the copyright to your materials?

You own the copyright to your submissions. We use the rights statement: "In Copyright, Education Use Permitted."