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ENGL 110: Comp II, Adry

Sources for finding News and Popular Sources

Many of the library databases include a mix of scholarly and popular literature. You can use limiters to locate news sources in Ram Search and other library databases. Check out the video tutorials on the Finding Scholarly Sources page of the guide

Using Google to Find News and Other Sources

The Site: Command

You can use the site: command in Google to search within a particular website or domain.

The search below will locate anything on the Vox website on the topic of slavery.

You can add any website or domain to the end of the site: search operator. You could try:

  • - will find anything on the New York Times website
  • site:edu - will find anything on an .edu website
  • site:gov - will find anything on a .gov website. This includes materials on (the library of congress website),, or (national parks service - the national parks service includes includes a number of sites that interpret America's slaveholding past

Evaluating Sources


CARS is a checklist for evaluating websites

C - Credibility

  • Is the creator/author named? What is their job? Are they a researcher, journalist, or something else?

A - Accuracy

  • Is the website free of spelling errors, grammatical errors, dead links, or other problems?
  • Does the article have a publication date? Does the publication date align with the requirements for your assignment?

R- Reasonableness

  • Who created the website?
  • Does the website avoid advertising that does not seem appropriate?

S - Support

  • Is there a bibliography or sources listed? In journalistic content this can look like naming sources and hyperlinks.
  • Where do the hyperlinks on the site lead? Are they mostly circular and link back to pages on the same site or do they link to outside sources?