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Librarian Liaison Program

Library Liaison Mission

Mission statement

Librarian Liaisons will communicate with the academic departments about the resources and services of the Henry Whittemore Library. Librarian Liaisons will engage in a dialog to ensure that the needs of the academic community and any issues related to the Library’s collection and services are addressed.


  1. Develop a structure that will provide the academic community with timely and accurate information about the Whittemore Library’s services and resources.
  2. Establish an on-going dialogue between the Library and the academic community to communicate issues and concerns related to the instructional and research needs of the university.
  3. Foster and enhance collaborative working relationships between the Library and the academic community.

What Can Librarian Liaisons Help You With?

A Librarian Liaison is a connection between your department and the rest of the library. They can connect you to the appropriate resource, librarian, or other service. They are a resource for you and can answer any questions you have about the library. They can also help with:

  • New faculty and staff library orientation - A Librarian Liaison can orient new members of your department to relevant library resources and services.
  • Connections to library instruction - A Librarian Liaison can connect you to a librarian who can provide library or information literacy instruction for your students.
  • Connection to relevant library resources and services - A Librarian Liaison can point you to customized resources for your department or coordinate customized resources if one does not exist. Librarian Liaisons can also help you with queries about Open Educational Resources (OER), interlibrary loan, citation management, and the institutional repository.

Liaison Librarians

College of Arts and Humanities

Art and Music - Sandra Rothenberg -

Communication Arts - Colleen Previte -

English - Sandra Rothenberg -

Fashion Design and Retailing - Sandra Rothenberg -

History - Colleen Previte -

World Languages - Sandra Rothenberg -

College of Business

Accounting, Economics, and Finance - Millie Gonzalez -

Management and Business Information Technology - Millie Gonzalez -

Marketing - Millie Gonzalez -

College of Education & Social and Behavioral Sciences

Education - Sam Westall -

Environmental Science and Policy - Millie Gonzalez -

Geography - Abe Newell -

Political Science - Abe Newell -

Psychology and Philosophy - Hedda Monaghan -

Sociology - Millie Gonzalez -

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Biology - Hedda Monaghan -

Chemistry and Food Science -TBD

Computer Science - Abe Newell -

Food and Nutrition - TBD

Mathematics - Millie Gonzalez -

Nursing - Hedda Monaghan -

Physics and Earth Science - Millie Gonzalez -