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Searching Library Resources

EBSCO Search Box

Ram Search

Search for articles, books, journals, and more!

Ram Search searches across almost everything the library subscribes to! Ram Search and be an excellent starting point.

Searching Google

Searching Google

There are many search strategies you can use to search Google more efficiently.

1. site: command

You can search a particular news source through google by using the site: command. See the screenshot below with how to use the site: command.

Screenshot of google search box with "chagas disease" written in the search box.


2. Limiting by date

It is possible to limit by date when searching google!

Screenshot of google search results screen with "toosl" and "anytime" options highlighted.

From your search results, click the "Tools" button. This will show two drop-down menus "Any time" and "All results". Select the "Any time menu to select a particular time frame.

Evaluating Sources


CARS is a checklist for evaluating websites

C - Credibility

  • Is the creator/author named? What is their job? Are they a researcher, journalist, or something else?

A - Accuracy

  • Is the website free of spelling errors, grammatical errors, dead links, or other problems?
  • Does the article have a publication date? Does the publication date align with the requirements for your assignment?

R - Reasonableness

  • Who created the website?
  • Does the website avoid advertising that does not seem appropriate?

S - Support

  • Is there a bibliography or sources listed? In journalistic content this can look like naming sources and hyperlinks.


Citing Sources

Below are examples of citing print and online newspapers in APA style. If you have more questions about how to cite sources contact a librarian!

Journal Article

Elements: Author’s Last name, Author’s First and Middle initials, & Last names and initials of other authors, if any. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal italicized, Volume number italicized(Issue number), Page numbers. DOI

Damm, K. L., & Kulik, J. A. (2005). Volunteer support, marital status, and the survival times of terminally ill patients. Health Psychology, 24(2), 225-229.

Online Newspapers

Elements: Author’s Last name, Author’s First and Middle initials, & Last names and initials of other authors, if any. (Year, Month and Day of publication). Title of article. Title of Newspaper italicized. URL for article

Hunter, J.D. (2019, April 14). Pressure cooker: A Tiger Woods recipe. The Oregonian. cooker-a-tiger-woods-recipe-commentary.html


Elements: Author (person or organization). (Date published or updated). Title of webpage italicized. Site Name. URL

Boyd, V. (2012, January 15). About Zora Neale Hurston. Zora Neale Hurston.

Example with no author: About Zora Neale Hurston. (n.d.). Zora Neale Hurston.