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Using Omeka S in the Classroom


What is Omeka S?

Omeka S ia an open source tool for creating digital exhibits. The Henry Whittemore Library at Framingham State University supports student, faculty, and staff creation of exhibits in Omeka S.

Omeka S is very similar to Omeka Classic in functionality, but it does differ in a few key ways. Omeka S allows for multiple sites to be created on a single instance, Omeka Classic only allows for one site per instance. Omeka S is also newer than Omeka Classic, so right now there are fewer themes and add-ons available.

Why use Omeka S in the classroom?

Creating assignments that utilize Omeka S will give students experience with writing for a public audience, curating digital objects, and general web publishing skills. If an Omeka S exhibit is published online, it gives students something to add to portfolios and resumes.

How do I request an Omeka S site for my class?

To request an Omeka S site for your class, or if you are just interested in learning more, email Hedda Monaghan at to get started.


Example Omeka Exhibits