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RAMS Renew Space

De-stress for Success!

About the Room

Students as well as staff and faculty have seen an increase in stress and depression due in part to anxiety, sleep difficulties, colds/flu, etc.  In an effort to assist others to "de-stress for success," the Whittemore Library has created the RAMS Renew Space, which is located on the Upper Mezzanine on Curriculum Library side in the room numbered CUM 08.  In RAMS Renew, we have a message chair, a Verilux Happy Light for light therapy, yoga mats, meditation cushions and hands-on activities.

We are encouraging staff and faculty to try out the room by signing up through this linked page.
The room will be available through this sign-up all year.

A prayer rug is available for checkout at the front desk before you enter the room.

Room Restrictions:

·         No food

·         Occupancy is limited to one person in the room at all times

·         Keep the room as quiet as possible. Use headphones when you can.


If someone is in the room when it is your turn for your appointment, please notify the front desk.


Remember to keep track of time and please return the key to the room to the front desk after your visit.

A Video Tour