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Managing Your Data

A guide on data management and reuse

Many Funding Agencies Require a Data Management Plan

If you are seeking funding or have questions about the grant process, reach out to the FSU Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs

Why Manage Research Data?

Proper research data management increases the transparency and integrity of your research outputs, has personal and professional benefits, and protects your data against hardware or software failure. In addition to all of these benefits many funding agencies now require researchers to submit data management plans, or descriptions of the data created in a research project and how that data will be managed, preserved, and shared. 

In 2013 the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy published what is commonly known as the "Public Access Memo", with the aim of increasing access to federally funded research. Since the publication of this document a many government funding agencies require the submission of Data Management Plans in grant proposals. 

Visit the links below for information on funding agency requirements for data management plans. These links are historic. Double check with your funding agency to see if a data management plan is required. 

Resources for Learning about Research Data Management