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Management Research

Business research is a systematic inquiry that provides information to guide managerial decisions.

Selected Books About Management Research

Evaluation Practice for Collaborative Growth (eBook)

'Evaluation Practice for Collaborative Growth' highlights the approaches, tools, and techniques that are most useful for evaluating educational and social service programs. This book walks the reader through a process of creating answerable evaluations questions, designing evaluation studies to answer those questions, and analyzing, interpreting, and reporting the evaluation's findings so they are useful and meaningful for key stakeholders.

Advanced Business Analytics (eBook)

Provides an enterprise-wide guide for anyone interested in pursuing analytic methods in order to compete effectively. It supplements more general texts on statistics and data mining by providing an introduction from leading practitioners in business analytics and real case studies of firms using advanced analytics to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Managerial Decision Modeling (eBook)

In addition to using spreadsheets as a tool to quickly set up and solve decision models, the authors show how and why the methods work and combine the user's power to logically model and analyze diverse decision-making scenarios with software-based solutions.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Traditions and Innovations in Research Methodology (eBook)

Uncovers theoretical developments in management and strategy, highlighting how firms succeed today, as well as offering cutting edge thinking on new and evolving research methods to study organizations.

Bad to Good (eBook)

With the objective of reducing the high volume of bad practices in research in finance, management and marketing, the book offers tools for improving theory construction and empirical testing of theory especially by early-to-mid scholars. ‘Bad to Good' covers 24 common bad practices, explaining why they are bad and how to replace them with good practices.

Supernumerary Intelligence (eBook)

The author uses the metaphor 'supernumerary intelligence', for the mix of qualitative and quantitative information sought by business managers, and recommends using the 'Quantitative CyberQuest' method, which involves a combination of statistics, systems analysis, research methodology, qualitative research, and artificial intelligence.

Smart Decisions (eBook)

Decision makers need to develop the art and science of strategic decision making. Here, Professor Thomas Martin explains the need for decision makers to modify their thinking about how they deal with acquiring and analyzing information in each of the decision-making process steps. This approach requiring thinking modification will lengthen the process, make it more complex, and to some more arduous, but the comprehensiveness of the new thinking approach should lead to improved and more effective decision making.

Towards Supply Chain Risk Analytics (eBook)

Author offers a profound conceptual basis of supply chain risk analytics. She transfers the newly defined concepts for the modelling and operationalization of supply chain risk within simulation and optimization approaches, in order to ease unexpected deviations and disruptions, which are subsumed under the notion of supply chain risk, increasingly aggravating the planning and optimization of supply chains.