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Say What?: Checking on the Reliability of Online Information: Home

Successfully navigating the quagmire of online information sources

Fake News in the Age of Covid-19

Fake news is as rampant as ever during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The guide provides tips and tricks for understanding the credibility of information. Be vigilant, ask questions. Librarians are here to help you.

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Finding Reliable Information

So you are starting your research project or even just reading a news story.  How do you know the information you are looking at is reliable and true?   In the past, researchers relied primarily on information in print resources, like books, journals and newspapers.  Before a print resource is published, it undergoes a rigorous editorial process, where facts are verified.  Today, most if not all of the sources we rely on for research, study and news are online.  The reader is now the one who has to determine the veracity of what they are reading.  That is no easy task.  A Stanford Graduate School of Education study confirmed just how tough verifying information and news online can be.  Take a look at this guide which will help you to navigate to the reliable information you need for your studies as well as your day to day news and information.  Still confused about what is reliable?  Check in with the reference staff (stop by, call 508-626-4654 or email us).  Finding reliable information is our specialty!

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