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Rams Write: How to LibGuides

Here you'll find a student-generated guide to writing and composition.


Your introduction should be at the top, giving a short overview of what you are going to be talking about. This introduction should be no more than 2-3 sentences.

How-To Set Up Examples


Your example should be formatted using "Header 4"

Use bold-faced "Normal" text to indicate incorrect and correct examples, as well as explanations.




(No more than 3-5 examples)

MLA Citations

All images/resources should be hyperlinked in their box.

You also MUST cite these sources according to the MLA guidelines underneath your names in the "This page was created by" box at the bottom of the page (see below).

For example: “meme generator” should be hyperlinked under a meme you created.


Page Layout

  1. Your intro should be at the very top of your libguide, as seen here. Follow rules for introduction (see at top of the page).
  2. Use a size 12, Arial font. We want our site to be both consistent and accessible.
  3. When making numbered lists, use the editor function rather than just typing in numbers. Using this tool will make your lists neater, adjust the text wrapping for you, and be accessible to different types of screen readers (when you just type a number, these readers will read it as text, not as a number).
  4. Place your memes and examples wherever you like. This portion is flexible, just make it look appealing and don't over-load the page with text.
  5. Group member names and graduation years (if you want) go first at the very bottom of the document, followed by your citations in MLA format. See instructions below for header formats. 



Remember that YOU are your audience!

Other students are going to be referencing your guides to help them with their writing.

LibGuides Basics

How-To Make a Meme

  1. Search up "Meme Generator" on Google
  2. The first option that should come up is "Meme Generator - Imgflip/"
  3. After getting to this website, you will be able to choose an already existing image, or upload your own. 
  4. Once you have your image, there are text spaces where you can type. Once you type your words will automatically appear on the picture. Format it to your liking.
  5. Lastly, hit generate. You will see a hyperlink which is crucial to have for the lib guide. Copy and paste and you are all set.

Screenshot of meme generator

Open Source Images

In order to insert a picture from Google that isn't a meme you made, you need to make sure that the image is legally available:

  1. Search for image
  2. Click on tools right below the search bar
  3. Click on usage rights
  4. Select "Labeled for non-commercial reuse"
  5. Images will be sorted out to ones that can be used
  6. Be sure to add alternative text when adding an image to the guide

Screenshot of Google

Example of an Open Source Image

Communication Protocols

  1.  Make sure everybody shows up to class on time and participates
  2. Exchange phone numbers and emails
  3. Make a document with everybody included 
  4. Make sure everybody has a role in the process of creating the lib guides
  5. Everybody must do their tasks that are a part of their role
  6. Communicate the formatting of the lib guide as you guys are working together

This page was created by/ MLA Citations:

Semester (use heading 4 to indicate your semester here)

Name and graduation year (for all group members unless they do not want to be named)

Julia Synan, Framingham State U, Class of 2022

Joey Lombardo, Framingham State U, Class of 2022

Efrain Vega, Framingham State U, Class of 2022

Shanté Garwood, Framingham State U, Class of 2022

Works Cited (use heading 4 for works cited)

“Meme Generator.” Laundry Viking Meme Generator- Imgflip, Imgflip LLC, 2019,

Spiritze. "Beach Puppy Dog." Found, Pixabay, 14 October 2016,

"LibGuides Basic Editing." Panopto, uploaded by Framingham State Library, 1 September 2018,