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Library Policies

Policies of the Henry Whittemore Library

Bookable Study Space Policies

The Whittemore Library has nine (9) study rooms available for students to use. We have seven (7) individual and two (2) group study rooms. 

Study rooms are identified by both a room number and sports photo on the wall.  Please confirm that you are in the correct space by checking the room number and room sports photo on your reservation.  Reservations can be made for the following study rooms:

One individual study room (G05/Baseball & Softball) is available on a walk-in basis and will not be eligible for reservations.

Study room reservations are available to currently enrolled Framingham State University students with a valid Framingham State email address. Reservations are required to use study rooms, and any unreserved rooms should be booked online before use.  Students may make a reservation by visiting either the Individual ( or Group ( websites. 

Both the individual and group studies rooms may be booked up to two (2) weeks in advance. 

Individual study rooms may be booked by one (1) student at a time and are available for sessions lasting up to two (2) hours.  Each student may book up to six (6) individual study sessions per week.  This applies to all individual bookable study rooms.

Group study rooms may be booked by groups of two (2) to four (4) students for sessions lasting up to two (2) hours.  Each student may book up to two (2) group study sessions per week.  This applies to all group study rooms.

Students who make reservations will receive a confirmation email upon successfully making their reservation. While these emails are not required for checking into the study rooms, please make sure to save them in case there is any confusion or issue surrounding the reservation. Students who do not receive an email confirmation should check their junk or spam folders for the confirmation and add the sender to their safe-sender list. Any questions or issues with reservation should be directed to the Whittemore Library staff.


  • Reservations are required for all but one individual and group study rooms during the normal business hours of the Whittemore Library. All study rooms will close 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • Individual study rooms are intended for one (1) student at a time. Group study rooms are available for between two (2) and four (4) students to use at a time. All students’ names will be required for group study room reservation. Single students cannot reserve group study rooms.
  • All study rooms can be booked starting two (2) weeks in advance of the desired reservation time.
  • Individual study rooms must be booked at least one (1) hour before the desired reservation time.
  • Group study rooms must be booked at least twenty-four (24) hours before the desired reservation time.
  • Students are limited to six (6) reservations per week in the individual study rooms.
  • Students are limited to two (2) reservations per week in the group study rooms.
  • Study rooms are available for up to two (2) hours at a time.
  • Students using any of the study rooms will be responsible for cleaning up the rooms after they are done. All trash and recycling should be placed in bins outside of the study rooms for proper disposal.
  • Any issues with reservations and usage should be directed to the Supervisor on duty at the front desk on the first floor.


  • May I have more than one reservation at a time?
    • Yes! You can make up to six (6) reservations per week for the individual study rooms and up to two (2) reservations for the group study rooms.
  • How long is my reservation for?
    • Reservations are made for up to two (2) hours at a time. Each session, no matter the length, counts as one reservation.
  • What happens if I am running late or cannot make my reservation on time?
    • Individuals or groups have fifteen (15) minutes to arrive for their reservations. Students and groups are encouraged to cancel or update their reservations through the website listed in their confirmation email.
  • Do I have to check in to use the room?
    • No! If you have a reservation, go to the room that you have reserved and use it for your allotted time. Any issues should be directed to the Circulation Supervisor on duty.
  • Do the study rooms lock?
    • The study rooms do not lock. Please be mindful of your personal belongings and valuables while using the study rooms.
  • Are the study rooms sound-proof?
    • No!  Please be mindful of other library users while you are using the study rooms.  Please also note that, as the rooms are not sound-proof, we cannot guarantee privacy in the study rooms.