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Burns Collection of Award Winning Children's Literature

This guide contains award winner collections contained in the Framingham Sate Curriculum Library Reference Collection. The award collections are comprised of the Newbery, Caldecott, American Indian Literature, Coretta Scott King, Stonewall, Schneider Fami

Picture Book Award 2020-2029

Award name was changed in 2020

Younger Readers Award 2010-2019

Young Readers Award 2000-2009

Young Readers Award 1990-1999

Young Readers Award 1981-1989

Middle Grade Award 2020-2029

Award name was changed in 2020

Older Readers Award 2010-2019

Older Readers Award 2000-2009

Older Readers Award 1990-1999

Older Readers Award 1981-1989

Young Adult Award 2020-2029

Award name was changed in 2020

Teen Readers Award 2010-2019

Teen Readers Award 2000-2009


2007 was the first year of the Teen Readers Award category.

Award Winners 1968-1980


Age categories were introduced in 1981.