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Student Worker Expectations: Finding a Replacement

This LibGuide is devoted solely to student library worker expectations.


Finding a replacement for your shift is your responsibility. There are various ways to find a replacement and they are listed on this page.


Finding a Shift Replacement

All students are responsible for finding a replacement for their missed shifts. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Write your open shift on BlackBoard. If no one takes your shift, you must call other trained workers to find a replacement. If you cannot find a replacement, you either have to work the shift or let a supervisor know immediately so we can arrange coverage.


  • Arrange for coverage (verbally) with another student worker and let the supervisor know of this change.


  • If you are suddenly ill or have an emergency and cannot come in for your shift, please call a supervisor immediately so we can try to arrange coverage.


  • At least one hours notice would be appreciated. Please do not abuse this policy.


  • Your shift is your responsibility, so please act accordingly. Failure to arrange coverage or let a supervisor know that you are not coming in will result in a warning and possibly dismissal.


  • If you sign up for a co-workers shift, it becomes your responsibility.  If something comes up and you can no longer work the shift you signed up for, you must find a replacment.